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Furniture Gymnastics

There is a certain type of therapy to be gained from moving the furniture around. Some of us love this relentless shifting and dragging and heaving, others, quite sensibly, are loathe to play the chaos game. It’s an activity that involves the whole family, by which I mean the mum and a couple of reluctant, moaning children. We share many happy memories of laughing hysterically as we manoeuvred galumphing sofas and huge tables through narrow doors, around awkward corners, up the stairs and into another room. The fun is endless. Just think of Ross and the couch in Friends“Pivot!” 

A simpler version, rather like one-day cricket, is a straightforward rearrangement of everything in the same room! This also brings into play some rarely used but thrilling gymnastic skills – table standing, sofa vaulting, back-of-the-TV stretches and hoovering lunges due to unearthed fluff mountains.

In 1985 a dear friend gave me an old sofa – she was upgrading with a smart Edwardian three piece that hadn’t yet been jumped on by toddlers or shredded by feline claws. The old one has since has been professionally reupholstered, moved house once or twice and had a loose cover made for it which must be thirty years old now. This is a bit like having a dress made for you in your twenties with strict instructions to make it last a lifetime. The cover has been washed umpteen times, shrinking more each time I’m sure, and ten years ago the patching started.


Oh, and by the way, it only has one leg, chocked up at one end with a long block of oak and at the other with Dan Brown. What a great book.


In an effort to give it a new lease of life I recently bought two enormous feather cushions for the seat. Unfortunately they are flat, unlike the original boxed ones.

After a nudge from my daughter, “Cover those cushions, they’ll get ruined,” I started on a patchwork plan. I did some maths, selected ten half-yard pieces that were hanging around and chopped them with the rotary cutter into one hundred 11 cm squares.

IMG_5086      IMG_5087

Arranging the squares randomly is never as easy as one thinks.


Then I had doubts about my maths and added a narrow strip around the edge. And decided to pipe the edge with some robust stripy stuff.


Things at Sewing at Damgate have been busy lately – the workroom has expanded to accommodate more sewers and we are now holding regular all day workshops. This has called into play my trusty old Bernina Nova which is forty years old now and still going strong.

I love this machine!


This is an old piping foot in action.


And I think this is a quarter inch patchwork foot ploughing through the patches, some wadding and a lining.


I think the seat cushions look a bit weird actually, like two square mushrooms with tablecloths on them. And as soon as anyone sits on this they will be like pancakes, Dan Brown will probably give up the ghost and it will be time to play the furniture game again – for therapeutic reasons.



March 26, 2016 · 6:15 pm