This post is purely to draw your attention to my blog menu to which I have added a slot called Poems.  Five years ago I was a mature student at the University of East Anglia studying creative writing. I ended up with a Masters in Poetry but I do not consider myself a poet at all.

A lot of my writing, not surprisingly, ended up being about sewing or clothes or costumes and garments.  And about motherhood and laundry and stuff like that. So I have decided to be brave and put some of it on the blog.

I was most privileged to study for a year with the poet Michael Laskey, the founder of the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival. He was also the creator and editor of the poetry magazine Smiths Knoll.  It used to look like this, every month, with a different number of course.

And once he published my rather odd poem called Knitting – which is what I am starting with. And it was partially based on this dear old jumper which I knitted thirty years ago!


Sadly the festival and the magazine are no longer running.

And this is proving to be the most difficult blog post I have written thus far. Anyway, if I ever went on a Poetry Desert Island Discs (as if!) Michael Laskey would undoubtedly be in my selection; and if you are not a reader of poetry he is an excellent place to start.







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9 responses to “Poetry!

  1. You took me back in time there!
    My aunt could knit fairisle while chatting and giving herself tartan legs at a coal fire.
    My mum was more of an arran or cable knitter, who reused the wool regularly.
    My granny was a crocheter who could produce a seamless baby jacket while watching Its A Knockout, which I hated, or Morecombe & Wise, which I now love.
    So if it’s to evoke memories, then poet you are!!

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    • Well, it’s certainly about memory. And your response could be a poem. Your granny makes me think of the fisherwomen who clamped their knitting to their sides and made ganseys while otherwise occupied.

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      • She was actually a fisher woman, in her young years, in Newhaven, an area in Edinburgh? ? There is a photo of her in full costume somewhere in one of my earlier blog posts! Enjoy getting reacquainted with your poems, I look forward to reading more. Enjoy your Xmas

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  2. Your poem is fabulous! I love the flow of it, the stream of images and ideas, and the wonderful, unexpected (but entirely accurate!) ending.

    I look forward to reading more.

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  3. its really lovely, it really evokes the meditative experience of making….. love that ending………………

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  4. Thank you. Yes, there’s something about making that is so important – as you say, meditative and therapeutic. Always balanced by the stressful unpicking of course!


  5. Lorraine

    I love your knitting poem. To me it says so much about making and memory and being a mother. And I absolutely love the ending. Thank you.

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