May Selfies

Selfies and the approach of Sixty do not make good bedfellows. This is not one.


Throughout the month of May I wore something cobbled, made, made years ago, repaired, knitted, knitted twice, darned and altered … every day. Next year I should probably stick with Mend it May. To begin with I put the ‘outfit’ on the stand to record some form of evidence. But sorting out the iPhone first thing in the morning, running late, indecision about which horrid clothes to wear and the paucity of sartorial options became a reason to stay in bed.

There was some fine weather at the beginning of the month and in a feeble attempt to fool the passing blog reader I pegged the laundry of same clothes on the line. No amount of rearranging, turning upside down or catching a better gust of wind made any difference.


So although I met the challenge May flagged up for me what a dreary old wardrobe I have. Wardrobe? Let me rephrase that – it’s a heap on a chair, half-empty drawers containing the unwearables and a pile of ironing.

I love sewing. I teach sewing. I love the construction of clothes, especially those that celebrate the simplicity of the craft and require a few good tools – a sewing machine that does zig-zag, sharp scissors, sharp pins, needles and cotton thread. I love the geometry of pattern cutting. But I don’t think I like fashion on me.

Years ago, as an apprentice costume maker at the wonderful Cosprop, that was my sewing – putting fascinating  clothes together to be displayed by a confident actress.

What’s the next challenge on the list? Hah – The Big Vintage Sew Along. I’m halfway through that one, trying to remember to take pics along the way. I love the skirt I’m making


– but I know I won’t wear it.


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3 responses to “May Selfies

  1. Aha! Think you just nailed it! You love to sew and your sewing has included samples for shows and teaching. My sewing has been similar and I know for me that making for others lets you embrace something you may never normally make.
    Like you I keep only the basic tools for use and never have bothered with accumulating sewing or cutting gadgets! I went Off It for several years, and have now come back full circle. I do like fashion and really love a refashion. I have to ask though, why make the skirt, if you won’t wear the skirt, why not make something you would wear??
    It’s headless selfies for me!!


    • Hi Linda, always lovely to get a message from you! I do really like the skirt – it’s loosely 1930’s (a fine decade!) and all that asymmetrical yoke stuff appeals to me. I might wear it I suppose – it’s still just a complex front slung on the back of a chair at the moment.Totally agree with the basic tools ethos. Now I’m going to read your latest post.

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      • Sometimes I see a pattern shape and want to sew it just for the sake of seeing if I can! So I understand the making of the skirt if it’s for that reason, post a photo when it’s done, headless of course!! 🙂

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