Old Clothes

I have decided to put a book together. The theme is old garments and how to make them. It will have patterns, photographs, drawings and instructions and I am starting right now!

Number One – Child’s Craft Overall

IMG_4358 IMG_4356

This is a ragged painting overall rescued from a school bin. It is probably about forty years old. The cotton, once a fine red gingham, is completely falling apart. Even ironing it can cause another split somewhere. It has been mended and patched many times, particularly around the pocket and where the belt loops join to the fronts. Fascinating stuff!

IMG_4363 IMG_4362

IMG_4360 IMG_4359

I have taken its pattern and remade it in the hope that a school somewhere will commission a batch for their Year 2s, on account of all the creative craft they have on their curriculum.

IMG_4365 IMG_4364

Next garment is a 1950s skirt!

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