The Tyranny of Red Wool

Red is not my colour and never has been. My clothing palette over the decades has been that of a ruined paint box, dirty greys, smudged greens, navy bleeding into black. Bottom of the pond colours, as my mother used to say. However, March 2014 a new mood descended – a red cardigan was the way forward, lifting the spirits and delivering confidence and style.

 IMG_4264 IMG_4263 IMG_4265

Fast forward through the planning period, skip ahead across the months of knitting together two strands of 4ply on size 8 needles, broken up with navy diamonds – and the two fronts, the back and the extra long sleeves are done! It is Christmas now and the end is in sight. We are a knitting family and at some turkey stuffed moment one wise daughter says, “Mum, it’s hideous.”

How will red ever work? Maybe a trip back to the trusty 1940s.

A Family Knitting Book ….  and the beautiful endpapers. This could be wallpaper.

IMG_4266 IMG_4267

One of my favourite idling activities is knitting research – just turning the pages of old knitting books and wondering if any of the patterns might work for me. And this might ….

 IMG_4268          IMG_4269

To suit all ages – A Tailored Cardigan in stocking and moss stitch 

This is an interesting pattern – there are three sizes – daughter, mother and grandmother. It is a ‘tailored’ cardigan, meaning it comes in slightly at the waist and then out again for the bust. This shaping is done by switching to the smaller needles for about 3 inches. And the yoke area is all moss stitch.

The rigid scarlet garment, more like an arctic coat than a cardigan, is completely unravelled, rewound and restarted on 10s and 12s needles. I am making the grandmother version!

   IMG_4271    IMG_4270

The back is done and I am onto the right front. It feels much better;  the knitting is much finer,  not so stiff and galumphing – although there was a muddle on the collar for a while due to extending the length. Sorted now I hope.

To be continued ….

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